Scarborough borough council to allow a cull on gulls attacking people

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There has been a rise in the number of gull attacks to people on the Scarborough coast, most recently a 14 month old boy has been attacked by a gull with no prior warning, the boy had nothing which could be 'attractive' to a gull in his hands yet the gull has come in for the attack causing injury to the little boy which resulted in him going  to have a wound treated and bandaged.

The simple solution would be to have a cull on a large number of gulls throughout the Scarborough area, instead of using birds of prey as a deterrent they should be used as nature intended. This should not be done at a time when areas are heavily populated with either locals or tourists alike but at quieter times when it would cause less disruption. Rifles could also be the answer but by competent persons only, holding their own insurance, clearing up their cull birds and recording numbers to ensure the population of gulls is not too heavily deminished.

The coast should have a healthy population of gulls, but when the people have had enough of attacks it will only cause the public to take matters on themselves, and people that are not educated on the matter could cause further problems rather than solve them.