Scan all babies at birth to Prevent CHD in children being left undetected

Scan all babies at birth to Prevent CHD in children being left undetected

10 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Supporting Ronnie

One in 125 babies is born with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD)
More than 6,000 babies are born with major CHD each year in the UK
In around 33% of cases, the CHD is detected prenatally so what about the rest ? 
Around 1,000 newborns leave UK hospitals each year with undetected CHD
CHD is the most common congenital anomaly
Up to 15% of CHD may remain undiagnosed at death
More than 300 infants die every year in the UK from CHD
CHD accounts for up to 12 % of all infant deaths – 1 in 10

As a family we feel very strong about this our Ronnie went 2 years with undetected restrictive cardiomyopathy suffered and fought so hard for 9 weeks on life support in a london hospital with many complications and infections . 

Ronnie has been seen by several medics in the 2 years of his life and his heart disease was left undetected for such a long time the damage it has caused was impossible to repair and we sadly lost Ronnie on 19-08-2022 . We are heartbroken he was a happy loving playful baby and now his gone ? Why ? It’s not fair !!! 
speaking with many of other parents who have been in this same situation they all agree that all new born babies should be scanned at birth to prevent families having to go through this , if all new born babies where scanned at birth the percentage of fatalities would come down hugely. 

with your help we can fight for what’s right in Ronnies legacy so please sign and share this ❤️
To follow updates you can visit the baby Ronnie foundation on Facebook or and we thank everyone for helping and supporting us today it really does mean a lot x

“We will be Ronnies voice to help others” 

❤️helping hearts that matter ❤️

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Signatures: 581Next Goal: 1,000
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