Lights for Scalzi Skate Park

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Scalzi Skate Park is the premier skateboarding place in all of Connecticut, and acts as a magnet, bringing in skaters from states like Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts.

The problem is that it resides in a well-lit park in the city of Stamford, Scalzi Park, yet it has no evening lighting, meaning that skateboarding is restricted according to the natural light of the sun. The Scalzi Originals Foundation wants to raise funds towards the purchase and placement of a light post.

The Scalzi Originals Foundation focuses on strengthening communities and individuals in the United States of America, mainly through its direct 1:1 and group work with typical individuals and those with special needs, as well as taking on projects to revitalize community, like the creation and cultural maintenance of skateparks. Skateparks can, and routinely are non-political havens that welcome people of different ethnicities, religions, creeds, and social-economic backgrounds.