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Please stop Detroit:Become Human, a Sony video game with graphic scenes of child abuse.

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Detroit:Become Human is a very realistic, interactive video game soon be released by Sony that features graphic scenes of child abuse and murder.

Its problem is it turns the very serious issue of domestic violence into a concept people can play.

In one harrowing scene, a girl aged 10 is heard screaming as her father apparently beats her to death in her bedroom.

Elsewhere she says: He's coming. He's going to hurt me. In another sequence, the child runs upstairs trailed menacingly by her belt wielding father who shouts: Alice! Daddy's very mad!

This video is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and is set for release on Play Station 4 on 01/02/2018.

The real danger is to the youngsters who play this and its affect on their young, undeveloped minds and psyches. But really, there is  already such a big problem with domestic abuse worldwide already.

This game threatens to increase it and destroy more lives. 

We need to contact Karen E. Kelso at and make it clear that this game is dangerous and needs to be stopped.

 I feel we need to send out a message that this kind of irresponsible product is not okay. Already the mindless violence on our televisions and video games has begun to leak into our everyday life.

What would it be like if these images of children being killed by their fathers/caregivers begin to leak from video games into our every day life. 

It already happens too much. How much worse the problem will become if hundreds of thousands of individuals are playing interactive games about this kind of thing? 

I am a therapist and I work with people who experienced trauma in their childhood. The emotional cost of it is so high. There is so much sadness and fear for them to clear and healing takes years and years.

I also have four adorable grandaughters who are so sweet and innocent and heartfelt. 

I just can't believe that a game like this is being released. But it will be unless we do something!




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