SC: Help Our Factory Workers Stay Protected From COVID-19

SC: Help Our Factory Workers Stay Protected From COVID-19

April 2, 2020
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Started by Erika S

Greenville, South Carolina: Help Workers Stay Protected From COVID-19

We should stand up as a community to stop unnecessary warehouse work for our people. “Deeming all warehouse jobs as essential" leaves the door open for many of our local production facilities in the upstate to remain open during this Pandemic. When most can be avoided. If BMW can temporarily close, surely these businesses can!  Give All people an equal chance to prevent catching this deadly virus. 
A lot of warehouse workers and factories are still up and running in SC.  Including Textiles, Electronics, Metal/Construction, Food Production, And A Major Beverage Distribution Warehouse located right here in the heart of downtown Greenville, SC.  They continue to operate with their normal shifts and hours. I fear they aren’t taking the extra steps to keep employees safe. My concern goes out to them, their families and our general public.
Employer’s in the upstate have a moral obligation and should take this time to either close their doors, reduce hours or rotate shifts correctly. Instead, they are unnecessarily adding to employees fears by keeping multiple workers grouped at once on the floor. 
These warehouses may have already seen a fellow coworker that’s tested positive or a worker whom is just generally sick and still remaining on the job. This leads workers to suspect there are more infections at their warehouse than they’re being told about. Along with shortages of cleaning supplies, crowded conditions, and a pace of work that leaves little time for sanitation put them at risk of infection.
Safety measures in these production facilities are being overlooked in our state. Adequate social distancing guidelines aren’t being enforced by supervisors. Strict cleaning protocols of work environments should be done regularly and rigorously according to the CDCs guidelines. People are working in groups in upward of 10 or more and their supervisors aren't alternating shifts to limit possible transmission of the virus between employees. 
Although most people can protect themselves by practicing their own guidelines while working, Studies prove that coughs and sneezes travel further than 6 feet. Warehouses are not doing enough to enforce correct procedures for their employee’s. Many cases of Covid-19 positives are asymptomatic and can spread the disease without the telltale signs such as fever or cough. Workers will catch this disease from other workers and go on to spread this disease to others in the general public and families. 
I urge local Employers to use common sense and close your doors temporarily if your job isn’t urgent in these upcoming few weeks. In addition, please continue to Pay your employees during these unprecedented times. 
All States In The U.S Act Now! 

If you wait two more weeks, South Carolinians, it’s too late. 
Please Sign this Petition for & Share Link: For all our hardworking factory & warehouse employees in the Carolina’s Greenville, Greenwood, Greer, Spartanburg, Anderson etc. 
Even If you don’t work for these facilities, please sign, we all have friends and family members who do

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Signatures: 154Next Goal: 200
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