Discontinue Cinco de Mayo shirt sales

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We, the undersigned, write this open letter to respectfully ask that you discontinue the sale of the cinco de mayo bar crawl T-shirt featured prominently on your storefront on High Street.

While we understand that SBX is likely not the organizer of this bar crawl. We are aware that SBX does design the shirts for the annual end of the year binge drinking event. We are reaching out to ask that as the company responsible for the design and sale of the T-shirt you stop perpetuating and profiting from the exploitation and ridicule of ethnicities.

Admittedly, this is part of a larger conversation in which some think of this as nothing more than a harmless party theme. Others, like us, see it as one of the countless commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, and environmental microagressions that communicate hostile, derogatory, and negative racial slights and insults toward people of color.

Microagressions are not indicative of oversensitivity, lack of sense of humor, or a call for hollow political correctness. Rather they are part of a larger system of oppression that normalizes the perpetuation of stereotypes, which influence people’s behaviors, attitudes, and perspectives. All of which have real consequences for those who are targets of racial oppression.

We, the undersigned, do not position ourselves as speaking on behalf of an entire nationality or ethnicity. We, the undersigned, speak for ourselves, and many of us as Latino/as at the university, as customers of your store, and members of the community ask that you respect this urgent request to stop selling this T-shirt in your store.

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