Don't change the member in Running Man

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When Kang Gary's leaving the show we the international fans are sad but accepted it, but when the news that Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook are kicked out by SBS without any notice we are angry, because they always give 110% to the show & the game. and they have given their soul & body for the show this past 7 years.

SBS should have not fired them just because the low rating, since KJK & SJH are more than just a cast, they are part of Running Man family who stay during the happy and the sad time.

SBS also have Broadcasting syndication to many country, and there are many other ways to increase rating like add new member or change the concept rather than backstabbing the members by kicking them out without talking with them first.

So we as the Running Man International Fans that love the show from the first episode in 2010 and to more than 300 episode later, here we fill the petition to give support to the rest of the members and crews and especially support for SJH & KJK, and to hope SBS reconsider from firing SJH and KJK. 7012 (Seven Running Man Forever)

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