Petition against Merging of SBS Cantonese and Mandarin Webpages 聯署反對SBS合併廣東話普通話網頁

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Australian SBS is planning to merge the Cantonese and Mandarin Web Pages. This is a symbolic act of undermining the autonomy of Cantonese radio channel.

Communities of Cantonese speakers in Australia and worldwide hold grave concerns over the possible threat to the preservation of the unique identity and language of the Cantonese-speaking ethnic group. 

It is curious that a recent funding leads to the merge of the Web Pages of the two dialects of China. It is only understandable that extra resources should enhance not undercut long-time good practices. The two channels are open to serve the two big Chinese communities in Australia. Similarly, there are separate Punjabi and Hindi channels and Web Pages in SBS. It is no point cutting Cantonese Web Pages unless it is a considered measure towards eliminating Cantonese channel in future, which is the biggest fear of the Cantonese-speaking community.

If the new policy should be implemented, this is contrary to the Australian spirit of respecting multi-culture and ethnicity. The Canberra administration has recently relaxed its immigration policy to accommodate Hong Kong people under oppression. Thus the needs of Cantonese-speakers will only be greater. SBS should remain faithful to its mission of serving the needs of various ethnic groups.

We therefore demand SBS to withdraw the merging of the Cantonese and Mandarin Web Pages.