Reverse the loan write-off of wilful defaulters. Get back written-off loans.

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Loans worth crores given to businesses are not recovered even though the owners of those businesses are very rich individuals and wilful defaulters. Those loans are written off as bad and irrecoverable loans by Public Sector Bank's Management, while tax payer's money is taken from Indian Government to improve the banks balance sheets. If this is allowed to continue, why should small individual home loan or education loan takers continue repaying their loans? The belief from banking system will be lost, and the banks will fail. Corrupt bank managers and corrupt staff play a big role in giving out loans to businessmen without enough security, and then writing them off as bad loans or as cannot be recovered by taking commission from the wilful defaulters. This corruption needs to be investigated, and all loans given to wilful defaulters have to be pursued without writing off and recovered. Even individual bank managers or staff members that sanctioned those loans have to be investigated, and guilty officers need to be punished.