No extended work day! It is time to listen to your teachers!

No extended work day! It is time to listen to your teachers!

May 31, 2021
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Brandon White South Bend Community School Corporation and
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Why this petition matters

The world has undergone an extreme change in the last 15 months. Many people have been forced into making unprecedented changes to the way they work, learn and further their skill set in any setting. 

In education, teachers and staff stepped up the past two school years during the pandemic. We went above and beyond to meet the needs of our students under the worst of circumstances. We were thrown into multiple modes of instruction--we taught our in person students AND our online students throughout the past year with no additional compensation. We participated in weekly mandatory professional learning as well. 

Now, as the world returns to a bit more normalcy, you would think we could just unpack from this strenuous, mentally, and physically draining school year, rest up, and be ready for the challenges ahead. Instead, the corporation, in almost a bombshell announcement, wants to demand MORE out of us! They want to add 40 more minutes (UNPAID) to our day. 

This is NOT for us to have added time to fulfill our fundamental job duties. As all are aware, our job duties extend into our personal evenings, weekends, and take precious time away from our own families. They want to fill it with more professional development even though we:

-have college degrees (many with advanced degrees)
-continue learning “best practices” in order to renew our teaching licenses every 5 years, that we are responsible for paying for
-have years of experience and even were recognized for having 75% of our teaching staff go in daily and “knock it out of the park” proving once again, adding time to our day is not needed

Therefore, adding MORE time to our overburdened day is UNACCEPTABLE! This simply forces teachers to sit through more training, PD, meetings, etc. and only delays the time we were already giving our own time later into the evenings. Again, UNACCEPTABLE! 

We warned in 2017 before they rushed FOCUS 2018 through, that they would lose that built in time for planning, collaboration, meetings, training etc. We warned that middle and high school after school activities would also be impacted. They refused to compromise then and their mistake doesn't mean we should be FORCED into yet another major change to our schedule. 

We recognize the need to collaborate and grow as professional educators, but we can achieve the same outcomes with our suggested compromises.

We can:

continue to have monthly e-learning days, a monthly late start day, as well as our compromise to twice a month paid extended days (maybe even one a week, if discussed, paid and agreed upon). 

Again, there are options. 

“The Referendum” was passed with leg work from many of our teachers. The public spoke loud and clear that they agree teachers need to be better compensated. “The Referendum” was passed to give teachers a raise based on our CURRENT work day hours. NOT to extend our time. They are forcing us to blindly wait to see what money they may give us. This is a backhanded slap to the face by using monies the community already passed to give to teachers. They’d never be able to cover our deserved contractual hourly rate.

The extra time added to the day would not only lower our pay but show just how little we are valued.  For example; if you make $20 an hour for 8 hours = $160 a day. Then you add on 40 minutes to that day but still make $160 a day. This is what they are asking of us.  

Teachers have been VERY vocal opposing this change to our day. We are NOT being heard. It is time we are listened to. WE DO NOT AGREE TO 40 MORE MINUTES A DAY! 

At this time NO to an extended day, not even with pay. We should be valued, heard, and appreciated. We are already going above and beyond. 

We can and should move forward without the added time and can still achieve the same outcomes, together.

Please support us by signing this petition opposing the SBCSC and the SB School Board’s desire to add 40 more minutes to our day.

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Signatures: 1,121Next Goal: 1,500
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