Keep Foreign Language Classes (ASL, French...) at Vista Ridge High School

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Vista Ridge High School has recently decided to limit the growth and continuance of several foreign language classes, including Japanese, French, and American Sign Language, in interest of growing the athletic department instead. This means that students will lose years of training in language classes and be forced, if they still want to continue taking language classes, into learning Spanish. Therefore, students that desire to travel, work in fields that require language fluency, or even simply enjoy other languages may no longer learn these in school. This will result in many children being forced to learn a language they may not need or want, such as Spanish, and some may not even get this luxury due to over-populated classes. Of course, many IV league colleges require 4 years of foreign language classes. This also means that kids without the ability to complete 4 years of language classes may not get into IV league schooling in the future. This means that the school is setting these kids up for failure in the future, not allowing them to learn culture and languages they may need and want, and over valuing the Spanish and Athletic department's ability to care for students.