The Pan African Pen Pal Outreach Program Initiative

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Greetings! We currently need 10,000 or more people to sign this petition, to jump-start our Pan African Pen Pal Outreach Program. No money is needed at this particular time. The objectives of "The Pan African Pen Pal Outreach Program" are listed below.

Open communication lines between people of African descent around the globe by building a pen pal networking educational system  

Educate people about ancient African history

Educate people of about the philosophy and opinions of Marcus Garvey

Generate proceeds for “affiliated” nonprofits

Host an annual Pan–African conference in a selected African country (livestream available for those who cannot travel abroad) 

To provide a visual and written history of every African country, along with networking and travel contacts

Provide an alternative to mainstream entertainment

Create a global platform with a solid revenue stream for artists and musicians who represent RBG Pan-African principals

Educate people about Africa’s contributions to Western Civilization

Provide an introduction course to the concept of social entrepreneurship

Educate people about the flawed methodology used in the Bell Curve regarding racial hierarchy of intelligence. Provide a brief introduction course regarding racial Pseudo Science.

Educate people about the history of Neo colonialism

Educate people about the history of Pan Africanism & Liberia

Allow participants to experience displays of African Music, Arts, Food, and Clothing

Introduce Africa Town in American cities as a Pan-African concept of rebuilding low in-come black communities or self-gentrification (AKA China Town) Family /Ethics / Community / Personal Responsibility

Utilize One on One dialogue – Facetime & Live Stream

Event Fundraisers for Annual Trip Overseas to Africa

Marcus Garvey and W.E.B. Du Bois were exiled out of the country. Dr. King, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, and Medgar Evers were all killed. Robert K and JFK were also killed because of something they knew. Not to mention, Alberta King (Martin Luther Kings mother) was shot and killed on June 30, 1974 by a 23 year-old black man who stated that he shot King because "all Christians were his enemies."

Now our young people look up to reality TV actors and the mainstream.They go to celebrities for their knowledge and guidance, and our so called elders get upset when asked to clarify their involvement in the struggle.

With all those things being said, this is the very reason we advocate for promoting critical thinking and social entrepreneurship. Sadly, there has been a dumbing down of our children, and it's time for us to take action. Once again, we need over 10,000 to sign this petition, so that we can jump start the program. I would like to thank everyone in advance for your support.