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Say YES to Veterans benefits

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My husband is a retired Navy Chief. He put in his 20 years expecting to be honored as a deserving Veteran of a Forgein War as many Veterans are. Now the Government is wanting to take away part of his well deserved military package. We all know how important health insuance is for all, but Veterans face many unseen illnesses that last for years.  Now the Government wants to limit our right to care.

If we had not had the military insurance when our daughter found out she had cancer there is not way we could have afforded her treatments and kept our house and taken care of our other children.  This is the bind that many veterans will now be facing, either heath care such as mental health counseling, cancer treatments, diabetic care or house payments. Alot of their disabilites came from the fights they fought overseas making our homeland safe. Now we just throw them away.
We received a letter last week explaining that this part of his benefit package would no longer be awarded to my husband and hundreds of thousands of men and women who fought bravely for their country. We pay an insurance premium to receive the best health care plan that can be provided to military families, but now that has been removed from our area and we can ot even receive it within driving distance, so we are being placed in a subcategory that will cost my family thousands each year.
I have Rheumatoid arthritis, Seizures, Fibromyalgia, and Lymphocytosis these cause me great pain and my family great expense. When we lose our insurance, like many disabled vetrans and retired vetrans our bills will skyrocket.
But now we have been told that we do not live close enough to a military base for our family to be seen by a military doctor like thousands of others, we will no longer be able to receive the insurance we pay for each month because Congress couldn't get their act together and resolve ther sequestration mess.
When you take a program like this one away you might save a few dollars, but you take the savings and lose lives for many veterans and their families because they can not afford to get to a military facility. Taking away this program also limits the ability for the military to recruit the most promising candidates due to the lies and deception being giving to the retirees.
I understand that the military budget needs to be cut because of sequestration, but health care for those who stood for our country during war or peace isn't the place to cut. We pay insurance premiums so we can keep the best insurance in our area and now that is being taken from us. When we pay for the right to have it and my husband put it blood sweat and hard work to earn it and should be allowed to keep it.

It is our voice that will be heard.  Pass this along to anyone who you feel will help the cause.

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