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Say Yes to Homes to solve our housing crisis

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Is your rent too high to afford a decent quality of life, let alone save a deposit for a flat? Are you living back at home with your parents? It’s likely that you’re unable to afford to move out yet and the housing ladder is growing further out of your reach.

The National Housing Federation says "Only the wealthiest of the next generation will be able to buy a home if current trends continue. First-time buyers today have to earn more, borrow more, stump up a larger deposit and rely more on family wealth than even a generation ago."

House prices are rising so fast that unless your family give you money, affording a home of your own on your own terms is getting more and more difficult.

Across the whole of the UK today, the average home now costs seven times the average salary. In the 1960s, a home was 4.5 times the average salary.

As house prices have risen, wages have not been able to keep up. Home ownership is becoming an exclusive members club with today's typical first-time buyer needing a deposit almost 10 times as big as that required in the early 1980s, say the NHF

These figures are mounting evidence that our young adults are struggling to put down roots of their own, and be independent.  

We need to say Yes to Homes and build more of the right homes, in the right place, at the right price. 

It is outrageous that so many are struggling to move forward with their lives, when a solution is obvious. 

But to make a bad situation worse, people are saying ‘no’ to the desperately needed new homes in their community. It only takes a handful of people to block the new homes that are a lifeline for many. 

When the ‘no’ voice are the only people putting pressure on local politicians (who decide if housing gets built), their views are heard loud and clear. The people who actually need homes are missing from these crucial local debates. 

I want people who say yes to more homes to be included in the crucial decisions our local councillors make about new homes, and not drowned out by the ‘no’ voice.

There is a solution. If people speak up and show their councillors that they do want new homes in their areas by signing this petition, then the people who are renting, trying to get on the housing ladder, dreaming of moving out - they’ll stand a chance.

Don’t let the decisions about new homes be made for you or without you. Say Yes to Homes.

I hope you will join my campaign.

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