SAY NO TO 2000 RIYALS (£450) Umrah Repeaters Visa Penalty for 2018/19-GLOBAL!

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Created: 14/09/18



 Update 18/09/2018:

There has been confusion over the new rule introduced by the Saudi Arabian Hajj Authority which obligates any person wishing to do ‘Umrah a second time in consecutive hijri years, to have to pay the second time a sum of 2000 Saudi Riyals (approximately £400) so here’s some clarification:

If you just want to simply know whether you will have to pay a fee for performing ‘Umrah, enter your passport number here into this checker and it will tell you immediately

How this is calculated is that if you do ‘Umrah in consecutive Hijri years then you will face a charge on the second time you apply for a visa. So that means if you did ‘Umrah at the beginning of a Hijri year, you would have to actually wait virtually two full years before you can do ‘Umrah again without a new fee.
For example, if you did ‘Umrah in December 2016 which would correspond to the third month of the Hijri calender Rabee al-Awwal 1438, you would have to not only let 1438 finish but also 1439 before you could do ‘Umrah again in the new year of 1440, so the earliest would be the first month of 1440 which would correspond to mid-September 2018.
Another example: if you did ‘Umrah in Ramadhan 2017 (1438 Hijri, corresponding to May 27th 2017), then you could do ‘Umrah again in mid-September 2018 at the beginning of 1440 Hijri because you have allowed a full Hijri year to go in between (1439) without performing ‘Umrah.
This also means however that if you get a new UK passport since the last time you went on ‘Umrah, you could avoid having to pay the 2000 Saudi Riyal fee. Yet, please use the checker link above with your new passport just to be sure.
This is a fee collected by the Saudi authorities and has nothing to do with the travel agents. There have been increases across the board in all costs from the Saudi side including new levies on hotels, a new VAT tax of 5% on everything in the Kingdom, and more all as part of their new 2030 Economic Vision.

SAY NO TO 2000 RIYALS (£450.00) Extra Charge for obtaining Umrah Visa.

The Saudi Umrah Ministry have implemented new rules whereby those travelling for Umrah this Hijri (1440) 2018/2019 Season, will be charged an extra 2000 SAR (£450.00) ontop of the usual Visa fee (approx: £50-£100). The price of this extra charge is approximately £450 if they have already performed Umrah once in their lifetime.

The Pilgrims should not be forced to pay these unreasonable extra charges to fulfill their religious obligations to visit the Holy Lands of Makkah and Madinah for a 2 week period only, £450.00 Visa charge, is the cost of one flight ticket to Saudi.

The Pilgrims cannot afford to pay exorbitant fees to visit the Holy Landscape of Makkah and Madinah. These new visa prices will result in many families being deprived of the auspicious benefits of visiting the Holy Land.                              

Below I have demonstrated the cost of travel with and without the hefty fee.

A family of 4 travelling (without the fee) trip to Saudi Arabia would cost an approximately:

Flights: £500.00 x 4 =£2000.00                                                                             

Visa: £50.00 x 4= £200.00                                                                                     


Menigtitis certificate: £40.00 x 4= £160.00                                                         

Grand Total: £4060.00

(Excluding Food/Shopping Cost)

A family of 4 travelling (with the newly introduced £500.00 fee) trip to Saudi Arabia would cost an approximately:

Flights: £500.00 x 4 =£2000.00                                                                                

Visa: £500.00 x 4= £2000.00                                                                              


                                                                                             Menigtitis certificate: £40.00 x 4= £160.00                                                              

Grand Total: £5860.00 (Excluding Food/Shopping Cost)

As you can see there is a staggering price difference of almost £2000.00 extra a family has to pay for just a 2 week trip to fulfil their religious obligation.

This petition aims to urge the Saudi Government to revisit and revise the new regulations thus making it more affordable for prospective Umrah travellers to make the journey that every Muslims endeavours towards.

Just think about it Italy don’t charge catholics to visit the Vatican nor do the jewish charge the jews to visit the Wailing Wall. Here we have the custodians charging crazy fees to visit the Haramains that belong to the Muslim Ummah. 

It is officially becoming the playground for the rich. No wonder more and more fellow Muslim brothers/sisters are now visiting Palestine the 3rd Holy Islamic site in Large Numbers. As Saudi Gov have made the pilgrimage expensive and unaffordable. 

We need an official announcement from the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah & or the Saudi Embassy ASAP regarding this news the Hajj & umrah agents have confirmed. As the Ministry have not published a circular nor an article, so either the Agents are lying or the Ministry. 

Please forward to all your contacts and encourage them to sign so that we can put pressure on the Saudi Government to revise their decision on Visa Fees for Umrah. We need as many signatures possible.

JazakAllah for having taken time and effort to sign this petition. May Allah reward you abundantly.

P.S Also suggest to speak or write to your local MP's & email the Saudi Embassy, Ministry of Hajj & Umrah, CBHUK etc. All the relevant bodies involved. 



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