Say No Too School Violence and Town Teen Crime let's do intervention

Say No Too School Violence and Town Teen Crime let's do intervention

9 November 2022
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Started by Lisa Martin

This is what I am pushing for is a building in schools for trouble kids with proper counselling and programs about violence and culture diversity programs, as well as programs around drugs ,trauma and counselling around issues too and proper mental health psychologist that can do referral to gp if medication is needed with a diagnosis ,
I put it towards the mp and education department with a hard headed teacher (speeks street so they listen)so they get proper intervention within a educational program allowed lunch breaks with rest of the school if they stuff up no mixing ,but if they are good aloud out.
Spoke to a child protection cop today he said that is awesome idea if they will do it.
It keeps them off the street, jails free up ,
they all think it's a must and will push for it too.
Also spoke too two girls that are on suspension as we speak ,told them what i want to get implemented and asked would they like it in there school they said hell yeah thats good aunt ,
I said cause everybody makes mistakes, you all need to learn how to deal with them they agreed and said keep going Mrs martin ,
MP has my plan so I'm pushing for it kids off street ,crime down and intervention done and it frees up waiting list from out sorced waiting list .
If they don't except then and only then they are expelled with home schooling program and outreach programs

And new principles staff at all high schools that can do their jobs ,that want to help these kids properly with a real councillors/psychologist and youth workers for proper intervention instead of your expelled now go do crime and become another satistic in the correctional facility's,

Metal detectors on every school grounds at every gate 

I made a whole plan a real plan to make a safe town ,yeah it might cost a bit for the government at first but a whole lot less in years to come.
I also want them to except all children back that have been expelled to implement this ,
I think It could make real change in today's world and the way we make a real difference for all the generations to come and how we show every child is worth fighting for no matter where they come from .

Staff can be all the ones that didn't except the jab ,
cause 1 they need work and 2 only staff that really wanna help kids for real with real problems cause some of these kids come from broken homes and need to be shown forgiveness and that it's OK to talk instead of always acting out ,some need to be told they are worth it and they deserve a life in the community and some just need to be told to stop their crap...

I believe this could work,

I believe in making a difference in these little people's life instead of locking them up or putting them before the courts all the time ..
The poor police and judges must be tierd by now


1.need  weapon detectors on all public school gates ,

  1. Equally discipline no matter race ,culture background  ,
  2. more police presents throughout toowoomba schools ,
  3.  children not been able to be able to be dropped at home without parent present or knowledge,
  4.  School based building to do intervention programs such as drug diversion, Anger management ,Trauma counselling ,and to see a psychologist 
  5. One hit kills campaign brought back to schools
  6. say no too violence posters over the schools as they have all been taken down
  7. Principles held accountable for the children they kicked out with no responsibility doing the crime without proper interventions in place,3 strike rule then get a new principle that can do the job
  8. For Parents to be able to charge if their teen is hurt 
  9. All governments departments to be held to their  Duty of Care instead of passing the buck and blaming parents
  10. Or make a new building for kids to be educated with these programs then make the school take them back after 6 months of proper education and proper intervention they can go out to mix with other children if behaviour is good if it's bad not allowed to mix with other children to the prove they can respect others 

Cause right now there is too much crime in 3 years 1500 kids out of school on a short term suspension  ,long term suspension or expulsion and they wonder why crime rate is up bring them back to school education and help 

Thank you for time

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Signatures: 62Next goal: 100
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