Say 'No' to Waste Burning & Dumping in Nepal - Stop Waste Burning & Dumping in Nepal

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Waste burning and dumping has been considered the easiest way to get rid of waste in Nepal. For decades, we have been disposing mixed waste on streets, river banks and public spaces. Most importantly, we have been haphazardly burning garbage and plastic in open air on a regular basis, with absolute disregard and ignorance to public and environmental health. The situation is evident when we look at our so called 'Holy' rivers, Bagmati and Bishnumati, which seem to be in a pathetic condition. They resemble a garbage-filled sewage and are overwhelmed with garbage on a daily basis.

A study published by World Health Organization (WHO) in 2016 reveals that air pollution causes about 9943 deaths a year in Nepal.

We fail to realize that plastics contain huge toxins which are released into the air on burning, and that is the very air we breathe in. This situation particularly gets worse in Nepal where pollution gets trapped more easily and does not escape due to the landscape and climate. We fail to realize that the garbage dumped breaks down into highly toxic substances and contaminates the soil, water and the neighborhoods where our people and children learn, grow and play. Waste burning and dumping has been known to cause cancers, birth defects, respiratory, heart, and skin disorders; and many other long-term illnesses.

Let these messages compel responsible authorities to take immediate action to improve their implementation efforts. Let these messages also resound in the hearts and minds of community groups and organisations and enable them to speak up when it is most needed. Let us embrace heroism, especially when things affect public health and our neighborhoods.  

We request you to sign this petition today and make our voices heard. 

Thank you.

Team Clean up Nepal

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