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We the undersigned strongly urge that University of Texas Board of Regents Reject Guy Bailey's Recommendation To Name UTRGV Athletics "Vaqueros"

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The name Bronc should have survived as the last surviving remnant of the UT-Pan American. The name Vaquero was not one supported by alumni, or student body. It also  produces unnecessary ethnic and sexist issues for our athletic teams. This mascot choice is NOT in the best interest of the Rio Grande Valley community or the health of UT-RGV.

This petition was started several months ago :

We as Bronc supporters and members of the RGV community were upset that alumni and members of the community not only were not being included, but in fact not even being informed about the decision making process regarding the needless re-branding of our athletic teams. 

Our reasons have been well stated to preserve Broncs and I will be e-mailing you a list of the over 3,7000 names who have signed our original petition. 

I want to briefly bring two points to why this name is the wrong choice.

1. While Dr. Bailey may have thought he was embracing the Latino community of South Texas with the word "Vaquero" The truth of the matter is that a Vaquero and the eventual cartoon depiction of one will be drastically culturally insensitive and ripen with Hispanic stereotypes. When the Houston Dynamo entered the MLS, they were originally to be named HOUSTON 1836. This followed a survey for the fans to provide suggestions for the name. According to MLS & AEG, who chose the name, the 1836 name referred to the year that the city of Houston was founded by brothers Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen. The name had perceived ambiguity, however, as it is also the year of Texan independence from Mexico. Houston 1836's logo featured a silhouette of General Sam Houston, one of Houston's and Texas' most famous historical figures. The choice of Houston 1836 soon became a political issue. It raised a furor among some locals of Hispanic descent, a major target audience, who related 1836 with the war for Texas independence. Due to protests from Hispanic fans, the name was changed to the Dynamo. The MLS has since not allowed any online surveys to name expansion teams. It is reasons like this where we need to be careful who may not be “okay” with a name like this.

You may not believe that this is a sensitive issue to Latinos in the RGV, but it already is. UTRGV is trending nationally for the wrong reasons with different depictions of Hispanic stereotypes being at the root of these tweets claiming Hispanic insensitivity.

Furthermore, the word Vaquero is male.. It refers to a male.. it is the  Spanish equivalent of Cowboy. How this slipped Guy Bailey's mind, but what will our women's teams referred as? The name Broncs was gender neutral as it was simply a wild horse. Many universities have come under fire for having separate names for the men's and women's teams or even by using the qualifier "Lady" in front. The name shouldn't have to be altered for the female gender. It should be one  name that can be used by both genders. 

I could go on and on with more reasons, but time is of the essence as you vote Thursday. I urge you to read our petition at the link above and send Guy Bailey back to come up with something more fitting. 

 There are also two polls that are avaialble as of this writing that are not happy. This is from KGBT -TV:

and this one from The Monitor:

As far as I am concerned, this name isn't off to a good start. 

 Thank you for your time. You may contact me at any time at




Alex Del Barrio

UTPA '08

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