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Say No To Unnecessary & Unlawful New Gun Control - Join The Million Man Armed March on Washington

There are elected officials that are actively engaging in the development of measures to infringe upon, disregard, and destroy our Constitutional right to bear arms as per the 2nd amendment. Our inalienable right to bear arms is under assault by unlawful and sweeping proposals for gun bans, ammunition bans, ammunition caps, forced gun registration, prognosticated gun confiscation, and more, based upon tragic mass shooting events perpetrated by CRIMINALS and/or the MENTALLY ILL, that obtained weapons ILLEGALLY. These tragic occurrences have NOTHING to do with the law abiding, gun owning citizenry of the United States. This petition is calling upon every law abiding citizen over the age of 18; every man, woman, civilian, law enforcement officer, military servant, veteran, husband, wife, student, or other, who respects, honors, and values our Constitution and our Constitutional rights, to take a stand against overreaching government and opportunistic political tyranny.

Our Constitutional rights and freedoms are under attack, and if the attack is allowed to be successful, what Constitutional right will be next? Stand up for freedom. Sign the petition, and pass it on to friends, relatives, neighbors, loved ones, and more. We need more than your signatures. We need you to MARCH.

"THE MILLION MAN ARMED MARCH ON WASHINGTON," will take place on Friday, February 15th, 2013, on and around the National Mall in Washington, D.C. This petition is calling upon every law abiding gun owner with a gun permit from their respective state of residence, to MARCH. It doesn't matter what state you live in. Bring your holstered, unloaded handgun on your hip in PLAIN VIEW  along with your GUN PERMIT, in peaceful and demonstrated defiance to those who seek to strip us of our Constitutional rights. The powers that be can't arrest one million people with guns.

If you're afraid of arrest, this march is not for you. If you are afraid to be villifed, demonized, and antagonized, this march is not for you. If you are not a firm and unwavering supporter of our country's Constitution, this march is not for you. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. The line in the sand must be drawn, and it must be drawn NOW. 

Sign the petition and join the MARCH. Support the most unprecedented march in the history of the United States, as we demonstrate our resolve with the most potent act of civil disobedience ever devised, The Million Man Armed March on Washington. 

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