Say NO to the sex education ban in Poland!

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"5 years in prison for sex ed? Let's show our objection!"

18.000 people already supported our petition against the proposed ban on sexual education in Poland, which suggests 3-year prison sentences for sex educators. Although the proposal - which officially claims to prevent paedophilia, but in reality has nothing to do with it - has already cause massive public outcry. However, some right-wing politicians have decided that it is not radical enough, and have demanded an increase in prison sentences up to 5 years for those who teach education. The proposal is now going to a parliamentary commission for further revisions, but right-wing politicians have made it clear that they intend to pass it. It is now on us to continue putting pressure on lawmakers to shut down this proposal. Sexual education is not just about contraception and preventing sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and HPV (which can cause cervical cancer). It is also about the prevention of sexual violence, including paedophilia. Sex educators teach young people about consent, healthy personal boundaries for themselves and others, and body positivity. And they provide information for survivors of sexual violence about where to seek support. The Polish Society of Sexologists is in agreement - introducing the proposed bill would lead to an increase in sexual violence. Rady Europy Dunja Mijatović, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, also called on Poland to reject the proposal. The health and safety of young people is on the line. Please help us spread the word as far and as wide as possible by sharing our petition on social

Dziewuchy Londyn i FARSA
3 years ago