Say no to the 'non-dom status' choice for high-income UK residents

Say no to the 'non-dom status' choice for high-income UK residents

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Started by Jason Amp.

Dear all,

Non-domiciled tax status was introduced in Britain 220 years ago "to protect colonial investments" according to the BBC.

The UK Chancellor's wife has chosen not to pay taxes on her very high foreign income, when at the same time people like me, working full-time at a London school as a support staff member and having an immigrant status —incl. EU settlement status— are in risk of double taxation with their income taxed in both the UK and their country of origin, if they don't provide sufficient evidence to the tax authorities or if there is no relevant inter-governmental agreement.

As a UK-domiciled foreign national, I say to all that the UK is my home, I will personally apply to become a UK national as soon as I can — and I wish to be taxed in the UK for all my income. I currently pay £100 or so in taxes per month via my employer and I wish to pay taxes for all income earned in the UK and abroad.

Why, when I am more than happy to declare that I "intend to live in the UK and wish to be considered British for tax purposes" Ms Murty and other millionaires have chosen not to do so and avoid part of a fair financial contribution to the UK government revenues?

For a simple reason: the amount of extra taxes they would pay would impact their own and their families' luxurious lifestyle.

It is not fair. It has to stop.

UK Government, get rid of the unfair 'Non-dom tax status' choice for high-income individuals living in the UK. If necessary, do that for all UK residents, regardless of income level.

Jason A.

Teaching assistant in SW London

UK resident

UK tax payer

167 have signed. Let’s get to 200!