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Say NO to the destruction of one of London's last urban woodlots


At the corner of Wonderland Road and Teeple Terrace, the last trace of the forests, fields, creeks and ponds that covered this land only a few years ago is facing destruction. A stand of mature trees that includes species of Red Oak, Walnut, Ash, Willow and Butternut (an at-risk species that is protected by Ontario’s Endangered Species Act, 2007), will be destroyed if a numbered corporation’s rezoning request is approved by the City. The corporation’s goal is to replace this remnant green space with a medical/dental building and a parking lot. If you’re tired of watching as the Forest City's natural heritage is buried under pavement and cookie-cutter commercial buildings, please sign this petition. Help us preserve some of our past for the future. It’s worth keeping.

Letter to
Mayor of London Joe Fontana
Councillor, City of London Sandy White
Councillor, City of London Judy Bryant
and 12 others
Councillor, City of London Harold Usher
Councillor, City of London Paul Van Meerbergen
Councillor, City of London Dale Henderson
Councillor, City of London Paul Hubert
Councillor, City of London Matt Brown
Councillor, City of London Nancy Branscombe
Councillor, City of London Joni Baechler
Councillor, City of London Stephen Orser
Councillor, City of London Joe Swan
Councillor, City of London Bill Armstrong
Councillor, City of London Bud Polhill
Councillor, City of London Denise Brown
Please refuse to approve the application to rezone 447 Old Wonderland Road from Open Space (OS1) Zone to Restricted Office Special Provision (RO2) Zone. This re-zoning will mean the loss of the last remaining woodlot on Wonderland Road from Springbank Drive all the way out to Dingman Creek. Without it, Wonderland Road is essentially a ribbon of asphalt with no residual natural features and yet another example of London divesting itself of its designation as the Forest City.

These pockets of green space and trees are what makes London a beautiful, liveable city. We expect you, as our representatives, to protect our neighbourhoods from being stripped of the things that make them our homes.

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