Say "NO" to the building or move to the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

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On December 12th 2017 Donald Trump announces and declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on the behalf of the Israel Government. 

We the people of the international community are aware this is an illegal action on the part of both USA and Israeli Governments to not include the Palestinian Government and more so the people of all three countries to have a say in this very serious decision wrongfully made on our behalf.

This claim of such a serious change in history that affects us "We The People" is not acceptable and we demand an immediate retract to this decision and announcement by Donald Trump and be given the right and freedoms to be involved in the process in a democratic way between the people of Palestine and Israel and their countries leaders. 

The American people do not accept the announcement of Donald Trump to make such a serious claim of ownership of Jerusalem or Jerusalem being the "Capital" for the Israeli Government and the people on our behalf as Americans and also demand this claim be retracted publically by Donald Trump. We denounce this announcement made by Donald Trump and we do not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel for it is not our but solely an Israeli and Palestinian matter. 

We ask that the proper Government Representatives stand for the people's Rights and Freedoms of the American, Israeli, Palestinian and others internationally that is issue effects.

We demand a that the people of Palestine have the right to return to their lands. 

We demand that the people of Palestine be recognized as a state.

We demand a Free Palestine.

We demand the siege and blockade of Gaza be lifted. 

We demand illegal settlements being built on Palestinian Land by the Israel Government stop at once.

We demand the stop of illegal evictions of Palestinians and demolitions of homes that they have deeds for come to an immediate stop. 

We demand that claim or ownership be decided by the people of Palestine and Israel. (Not the President of the United States who has no right to make such a claim).

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