Say NO to the 312 unit High Density Apartment Complex NORTH PRINCETON, NO to R32


Say NO to the 312 unit High Density Apartment Complex NORTH PRINCETON, NO to R32

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Started by Keith Edwards

By changing the Zoning to R-32 from R-4 the surrounding community will experience many negative effects.

  1. The adjoining residential owners will lose considerable value immediately of their properties upon the arrival of the proposed apartment complex. This will extend to other residences in close proximity.
  2. With the completion of a proposed 312 Unit apartment complex the traffic increase on North Main Street will be substantial. This will cause problems with the school traffic already backing up traffic on North Main Street.
  3. The resulting traffic problems cause dangers to all the neighborhood children and adults who routinely walk, ride bikes, and rely on North main street for travel.
  4. Most likely there will need to be stop lights installed at Swallowfield Drive for the sub-division traffic coupled with the apartment complex that is proposed. Also another stop light at Hawthorne Drive and the entrance to PCHS. And another stop light at East Warnock Street and North Old Hwy 41 for PCIS, PCMS, PCHS, Northbrook Hills, Swallowfield, the proposed apartment complex, and all traffic from the North entering Princeton. 
  5. Drainage will no doubt be a problem that will likely be a problem after the 15 acre location is covered with asphalt and concrete. The drainage ditches on North Main Street already swell during heavy rains. Runoff will be an environmental concern with the large number of vehicles and the likelihood of oil and gas leaks.
  6. Noise pollution will increase as this proposal will change an easement constructed of grass (yard space) into a road. The only entrance in and out the proposed apartment complex. This new road will likely be traveled thousands of times a day at all hours of day and night. The new road has a significant grade which will require vehicles to accelerate even more adding even more noise pollution. This new road travels between 2 existing homes in the neighborhood. To this day there have only been tractors and harvesting equipment traveling this access a few times a year. The slowing, stopping, and starting of traffic backed up North of Princeton and South into Princeton will produce considerable noise.
  7. This proposal will increase the light pollution for the nearby residents. The peace and quiet that the nearby neighbors paid for when they purchased there homes will be gone.
  8. The security that the nearby neighbors received as a part of what they purchased when they bought their homes will be gone. These people will never again be able to know everyone that lives around them. There will be a permanent transient community intermixed into their neighborhood.
  9. The problems that a new transient community will present upon the newly constructed PCHS are immeasurable. As a significant amount of the border of this proposed apartment complex is with the PCHS facility itself. Our schools security would be in question as well.
  10. The people in our community settled on Princeton to live and raise their families without fear, with peace, and with their neighbors. Quality of life will be gravely affected for many residents who purchased their homes so as to not be around high density residential buildings. The aesthetics of our neighborhood will forever be changed. The wildlife that has been a part of our neighborhood will be forever changed and altered.
  11. Our city council have the final say about his proposal. That means you have a say since they represent you. Please help us SAVE our neighborhood and GROW our community the correct way.


  • Nick Burns- (Councilman at Large) 812-677-2618
  • Sheri Greene- (District 4) 812-664-1005
  • Jan Ballard- (District 1) 812-778-0100 
  • Jim Maglis- (District 3) 812-385-6744
  • William Tuley- (District 2) 812-431-5777
  • Do Not Change Zoning for Parcel # 26-12-06-104-000​.​950-028 from R4 to R32





This petition made change with 163 supporters!

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