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Say No to Swarming and Mobbing: The Worst Form of Bullying and Harassment

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Imagine you've been diagnosed with an incurable genetic disease and you are told you will not be able walk, talk, see, hear, have breathing issues, seizures and that you won’t live pass the age of 24 months. What would you do? 

Luc LeBlanc is a 21 month year old baby boy who was diagnosed with a rare medical condition Fumarate hyderhase , PMG. On June 11th Sammy Monaghan Luc's mother created a facebook page

to help raise awareness about Luc's condition and also to raise support. For know reason at all other then they feel like they need to "expose" the mother of a child who is just trying to take care of her sick son because they "don't like her" some people have taken upon themselves to create hate pages and slander the mother of this precious child and her baby.

These people have claimed that she is lying about her sons condition.

That she is lying about where donations are going.

They have are using this child's photo without the Parents permission

They have used these pages to call the mother many derogatory names 

They are bullying and harassing the mother and also harassing the page she created for her son.

The mother has many document proof that these accusations are a lie 

We are asking that you sign our petition to get facebook to remove these hate groups.

These are the pages 'The Facts about Saving Baby Luc" and 

'Truth, Facts and Obsession The Daily struggles of grown Adults"

Savingbabyluc-A journey of truth


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