Say No to Smuggled Goods, Now!

Say No to Smuggled Goods, Now!

106 have signed. Let’s get to 200!

Why this petition matters

I know of at least a dozen people who have paid a heavy price for consuming cheap smuggled goods. One of my friend’s acquaintances bought a face cream apparently manufactured by a leading global cosmetics brand at a throwaway price from a South Delhi market. She couldn’t stop bragging about her bargaining abilities and even shared a social media post to highlight her prized possession. The frenzy did not last for long as within a couple of days of using the cream, she developed severe rashes on her face, forcing her to rush to a doctor for consultation. This happened a few months ago and she is still pursuing her treatment. 

In another case, the only son of a friend’s colleague escaped a grievous injury by a whisker when the ‘imported’ phone bought by his father from a famous grey market nearly exploded. The child was so traumatized that he did not hold a gadget, including the TV remote, for days. I have also personally faced the consequences of consuming smuggled and counterfeit goods, though my agony, caused due to a terrible stomachache after consuming a fancy chocolate, was short-lived.

Widespread smuggling of cosmetics, jewellery, readymade garments, alcohol, medicines, cigarettes, capital goods, consumer electronics and other goods in India is a menace that has not been controlled. While we hear and read about gangs being busted and goods worth lakhs, if not crores, being seized every day, a visit to the nearest market will tell us that nothing major has changed on the ground. Smuggled goods are dangerous because they:

·      Hurt the country’s economy   

·      Threaten its national security

·      Lead to job losses 

·      Cause losses to genuine brands

·      Pose health and other risks to consumers      

So, why are these goods and the crime syndicates dealing in them still in business? Whys isn’t the government and enforcement agencies being able to put an end to smuggling once and forever? The answer is simple: because we are not doing our bit! A consumer is the strongest player in the market who practically decides the fate of a product or a brand.  As consumers, only we can lead the battle against smuggling as we have the power to:

·      Generate awareness among our fellow consumers

·      Boycott smuggled, illicit and counterfeit goods

·      Read and know about a brand before consuming its goods

·      Not make a purchase without securing a bill

·      Report illegal trade activities around us

Let’s come together and exercise these powers for the greater good of our country. Let’s be the changemakers. Let’s take a pledge to put an end to smuggling. 

106 have signed. Let’s get to 200!