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A safe Smart Grid is NO smart meters!

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Do you have a smart meter and why is it vital to know?  Wired and Wireless Smart Meter technology causes negative health issues with symptoms that include insomnia, nose bleeds, vertigo, nausea, headaches, nervous tension, heart palpitations, audible buzzing/humming and skin conditions. The stray frequencies associated with smart meters adversely affect our birds and bees.  A smart meter is any “wired” or “wireless” meter, with the appearances of being analog or digital, that is capable of two way (RF) radio frequency or two-way PLC (power line carrier) communication.  You should not agree to accept anything less than a purely electro-mechanical analog meter with no electronic components.  

If you have a “wireless” smart meter, it uses RF (microwave frequencies) to communicate with the utility.  If your meter is “wired” (or appears to be analog, where metal disks rotate, indicating power usage), you may incorrectly assume you have a safe meter. 

Wired smart meters use electrical pulses which ride over the power lines as electrical current that now enters your house and runs along your house wires.  The electromagnetic fields created by the smart grid system run amok with the electrical current in your house.  These waves of electricity are amplified in intensity, as ordinarily safe electrical wires now become antenna for the stray volts and EMF frequencies that plague the smart grid system.  This will explain why some can hear the noise emission of DE (dirty electricity) and EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) of the smart grid system when outdoors or when all breakers are switched to “off.” 

We are the first generation consumers in the all night and day RF/DE/EMF emissions of the smart grid.  We must be the ones who recognize this as a harmful violation of our rights. Please sign and distribute this petition to friends, family and co-workers.  We will respectfully demand that the State Regulatory Agency stop the smart meter program on behalf of its citizens.


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