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Say NO to rezoning any students currently zoned for Terry Fox Elementary school!

We are a COMMUNITY. Our children play at school, outside of school, at our homes, share parks in the area and are involved in extracurricular activities together. We cannot accept to leave OUR school to attend a school in another community. With all the new construction and the growing anglophone community in the area, it is important that we are heard and a logical long term solution is granted that eliminates overcrowding and offers our children a school in their community – a community we consciously chose when we all purchased or built our homes.

We ask you to sign this petition against any proposal for changing the zoning. Instead we propose an expansion to the current school. Preliminary plans were made which don’t involve a 3rd floor, nor does it reduce the school yard area. The proposed solution is an overhang at the 2nd floor which can also provide shelter for students from rain or snow when outdoors. We will propose budgeting for this based on eliminating any additional bussing service cost that would have otherwise been needed for the rezoning option. Note, this a yearly recurring cost, whereas the expansion is a ONE time cost. In addition, we, the parents of children at Terry Fox are willing to make a yearly contribution of $50 per year of enrollment ( if need be) per family to support this cause and act as a community.

PS: Please add your comments on why it is important for all our kids to attend the community school they love so much.

We need to do what’s best for the community.  This rezoning option is a temporary solution and it won’t be the last time Terry Fox or St Paul could be faced with the problem of being overcrowded.  They are opening the lots across Terry Fox for construction and additional construction near walmart.  They can’t just keep shuffling us around.  St Paul’s numbers will go back up within 2 years and we need a school or extension in our area Vimont/ Auteuil.  We need to act as a community and not who is currently being targeted because it could be another area targeted in 2 years.  We need a long term solution and a solution that is good for the whole of the community.

We need your support!!

Mission and Vision

Vision: The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board believes that all our students deserve our complete commitment to their success.

Mission: The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board's mission is to provide a stimulating learning environment, develop accessible educational services and enable our students of all ages to become responsible independent citizens in their community and beyond.

RESOLUTION # 050323-CA-0130 adopted March 23, 2005.

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