Say NO to Return to Learn and give compensation to LCS workers


Say NO to Return to Learn and give compensation to LCS workers

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Anna Smith started this petition to Lynchburg Ci Lynchburg City School and

Parents of LCS students and other willing Lynchburg community residents          



1. Submit a Public Comment to the LCS board members meeting on January 12, 2021.

2. Submit your Support  to the Lynchburg City Council 

3. Submit your support to the Virginia Department of Education 

4. Submit your support to the Virginia Governor Office

There is a deadline to Submit your Public Comment!! PLEASE Read this petition for more information!!

I strongly urge that you please sign AND share this petition to be presented at the LCS Board meeting on January 12, 2021 to support addressing serious concern for the health and safety of our students, local School House Hero's, and their families who oppose the Return to Learn process and give compensation with the secure opportunity of choice to avoid or risk unnecessary exposure with mandatory excessive workloads, or uncertainty of losing jobs to the LCS workers.

Despite the pandemic with Covid-19 cases and deaths rising rapidly locally in Lynchburg, Virginia the Lynchburg City School Board has made the decision to resume in the classroom for in person learning starting January 12, 2021 following a School Board meeting scheduled later at 5pm. 

This could be considered on behalf of not only students but workers trying to keep themselves and own families healthy and safe- extremely inconsiderate, irresponsible, and disrespectful. 

Without an official school board vote, the school administration failed to keep the promise given to Parents, LCS workers, and community of giving the chance to voice any issues, ideas, or concerns of any choice made instead neglecting the Public Comment.                                       

Instead of respectfully holding the upcoming meeting on January 12, 2021 before school restarts which would give time for any potentially vital changes or other final decisions that possibly could be made, the meeting is intentionally adjoining after, giving no true opportunity to represent any other issues or concerns on behalf of students and workers associated with LCS that will be returning on this day.

As most know, a beloved bus driver who worked for LCS, lost his life to Covid-19 which could have been prevented. Records and other statistics show a spike in cases and deaths around the last time LCS attempted to reconvene schools in our area later going back to remote learning as a result.

We must do what is needed to stop the spread  properly and responsibly without haste taking the precautions necessary so that life can quickly as possible go back to normal, otherwise the instability and uncertainty of this Pandemic will continue.

Let's not make the same mistake again--

Fortunately parents of students have the option of face-to-face education giving the option to stay home for remote learning without ramifications but those who work for LCS don't.

Since the Pandemic started these School House Hero's due to lack of staffing have went above and beyond working tirelessly and effortlessly with uncompensated overwhelming work loads ensuring students are provided with the educational essentials (including meals ) that they need while putting their own health and life at risk potentially spreading Covid-19 to their own families at home.

There is no denying the complete struggle everyone has faced to adjust to the mess this Pandemic has brought making the effort to deal with all the fluctuations and changes to the way students are educated, job security, financial worry, and economic survival.

The pillars of the school system are the valued parents and students with the foundation being the dedicated workers holding them up to help them succeed.

Don't let the pillars crack foundation to break-

As a community let us come together to be the support giving the stability that holds these pillars of the community up and keeping the foundation solid without fear of collapsing so that everyone has a chance to confidently stand.

To view local statistics on Covid-19 
Please visit-

The Virginia Department of Health:





***ALL Email and Voicemail submissions MUST be submitted no late than 3 PM on January 12,2021***



-*Email Must have *Name *Address *Subject of your Public comment listed.



-*Call--  (434)-515-5077 to submit your public comment by voicemail.

-*Must provide your *Name and *Subject of your public comment.

***ALL written submissions MUST have your *Name and *Address listed

To watch the Meeting Live remotely please copy and paste this link to your internet browser or follow this link to the LCS YouTube channel:


**Let us FLOOD the School Board meeting with as MUCH input as possible!!                     We MUST NOT make haste on Decisions to Return to Learn when Covid-19 is on the rise!    Just a thought: If restaurants and bars are not running at full capacity why would we expect our Schools to be?? 


**ALL written, Email, and Voicemail submissions WILL BE PRESENTED to the LCS School Board members at the meeting!!

For more information Email:

Write in the Subject Line:

"Return to Learn"

Lynchburg City Council

Council/Manager Office

900 Church Street

Lynchburg, VA 24504

Phone: 434.455.3983


Virginia State School Board of Education

Emily Webb

Director of Board Relations





Virginia Governors Office

Virginia Governor

Ralph Northam

P.O. Box 1475

Richmond, VA 23218





This petition made change with 125 supporters!

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