Say no to Re-exam/Scrapping

Say no to Re-exam/Scrapping

7 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rakshak Sharma

JK Police SI recruitment

Recently, LG of J&k ordered to investigate one of the exams conducted by JKSSB.

The exam is of 2 phases Ist is a Written exam then the top 7200 will get a chance to enter into the 2nd phase that's a physical endurance test and then after all other formalities, 1200 candidates will be selected.

Some of the students who are not able to make it into the top 7200 are saying that there may be some malpractices and some officials involved in backdoor entries.

The government constructed a committee to probe this recruitment process.

Here, the media played a big role by spreading fake news to blame the government and adding word "SCAM" to change the narrative of common people.

Now again, some media sources are saying that the committee suggests scrapping the exam without knowing the depth of the scam if there is so.

If they scrap this recruitment they will hide those who are involved in malpractices.

Also, if there is any scam it is not possible that everyone come through unfair means, they must be few, and not each one of 7200 is scammer. If they scrap it is an injustice to those who invested their time, and resources and burn the midnight oil to clear this exam also, it is not possible for everyone to clear it again and again, next time focus, study, discipline, paper favor, environment, and circumstances matter.

If you take exam N times it is impossible that the same top 7200 are on the list. The list always has new set.

Now, all candidates are united and are against this decision because by scrapping they are gonna save the culprits and putting the future of students who made it on their own at stake and it is not a solution.

By signing up for this petition you are against the culprits and in favor of students who made it on their own and agenda of this petition is to filter out culprits and Reframe the list if there is any scam involved in it.



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Signatures: 259Next Goal: 500
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