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Say NO to proposed gun range in the heart of residential communities at Allen

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We the following undersigned residents, homeowners urge the City of Allen office and its City Planning Council to outrightly reject the construction of Gun Range proposal by Texas Legend to be developed at the intersection of Curtis lane and Central Expressway.

We oppose the Texas Legend Allen Gun range for the following reasons

1) We oppose the proposed location of gun range in principal and not the business itself. The proposed location is next to the residential boundary area of Ansley Meadows, right in the backyard of the houses.

2) Lead contamination emanating from the facility - Lead is a neurotoxin and decays slowly on the lines with radioactive elements. Texas Legends has expressed that there would be an air filtration system which would exhaust cleaner air than it would receive. However, we know even state of the art nuclear power plants have had failures. Failure to comply or even running the facility while the filtration system is not up-to mark will cause lead fallout in the area. Apart from air contamination, disposals from the facility also create soil and water contamination risk in the nearby area. 
​Further there is no state or federal agency to monitor it in real time. Assurance by the business itself cannot be taken at a face value. There are many instances where due to negligence by business and government, residents had to bear financial, environmental and health impact. Frisco’s Exide battery facility, is a good example to illustrate how difficult it is to contain lead contamination. ​At the end of the day, it’s the tax payer’s money which is utilized and family lives at stake.

3) Business fallout from the gun range - Every business has a fallout, so does the gun range. While most gun owners are responsible, vigilant and well balanced, it takes one crazy fellow to create a security risk to the nearby community putting lives at stake. As most Texas residents are armed to protect themselves, the fallout from this gun range will always be a lurking danger keeping residents on the edge all the time.

4) Reduction in property value and sellout by homeowners - Having a gun range facility next door would decrease the property value. In addition should any of the above instances happen, it might bring altogether a bad atmosphere, causing financial trauma and reduction in home equity

Gun Range should always be located in a business/commercial areas and away from residential and school areas, so that we all can enjoy it.

We hope the City of Allen Office and the planning council takes a note of our cause and support it.

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