Say NO to plastic, Save Our Flora and Fauna

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An alarming experience from my recent visits to one of the amazing places in Karnataka!

The scenic twin waterfalls – Bharachukki and Gaganachukki of Shivanasamudra Falls is turning into dumps due to littering by visitors.

I have always liked waterfalls and I grew up visiting this beautiful place then and now. I recently (20th of August 2018) visited Shivanasamudra - The waterfalls have come alive due to rains and it is incredibly scenic.

I was so disturbed seeing at the trash thrown away near the waterfalls and the surrounding areas.

  • Both near Barachukki and Gaganachukki (this one is more littered)
  • In particular, area where the mosque is located (enroute to Bharachukki)

The authorities responsible to maintain the cleanliness of the place are least bothered, which is damaging the plants and animals (such as cows and monkeys).

Not just this one place, Trash everywhereIn most of the tourist and sight-seeing places within the state of Karnataka, other states and across our Country. The physical pollution that the visitors leave is a serious problem that must be tackled. 

The Government should sanction awareness and sign boards saying not to throw anything inside or in the surrounding area in any of the tourist places. Garbage bins should be kept, also a dedicated team should be appointed to watch out the people from littering.

Nature is on the decline and we all bear responsibility - Let us pledge to minimise our use of plastic and to dispose of it appropriately.