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Petitioning Acting Director, Office Personnel Management The Honorable Elaine Kaplan

Say NO to OPM proposed rule changes: CFC Charity Donor rights will be taken away

"The hardest thing I've ever had to do is walk away from the little greyhound above, knowing that she would be killed immediately.  I made a promise to her that I would find a way to get all greyhounds a  "Forever Home" and that NO GREYHOUND WOULD BE LEFT BEHIND." 

Because of my Federal Workplace Campaign Donors I have been able to keep my promise to that little dog.  Please help me continue to keep my promise. With your help we have saved over 7000 greyhounds, 28,000 men, women and children have received them as loving pets, healed the spirits, saved the lives and rehabilitated over 35,000 incarcerated men and women in prison, and brought joy into the lives of 6 PTSD Veterans with a Purple Heart Greyhound Service Dog.

June 7th, DEADLINE for public opinion comments: Sign Petition Now!

The following Proposed Rule Changes by the OPM are the ones that most affect my donor’s  charitable donation rights and choice of their charities. Not only will these rule changes affect the NGF, but ALL Charities will suffer. 

 Proposed Rule # 5 of the OPM:  “Pledges will be made through electronic means.  Cash, check and money order contributions will be eliminated.” 

 Proposed Rule #7:  The CFC’s Charity List and pledge form will be made available exclusively through electronic means.”  

When the All-Online policy with the DC One Fund workplace campaign was implemented, employee giving dropped 79% over a three year period. Federal Workplace Campaign Donors said NO to the All-Online donation policy as it infringed on their rights as to HOW they could donate through their workplace campaign.  

 “In The DC One Fund TEST, the workplace campaign for District of Columbia employees, dropped 79%  in the three-year period after its all-online campaign was implemented, from $1,079,217 to $230,922.  Since going hybrid (mix of paper and online) the campaign is beginning to recover.”  

Based on the above test, and the 79% loss on the DC One Fund TEST,  the 2011 NGF revenue received of $129,044.90 would be cut to $27,099.43.  Most of our programs would have to be discontinued.  Thousands of people and animals could no longer receive benefits from  our services.  

As in the DC One Fund TEST case, Federal workplace donors said “NO” and the Charities suffered.  They quit donating to the Workplace Campaign.  

Now I’m asking you to join with me in saying “NO” again to the OPM "s Proposed Rule to Amend the Combined Federal Campain Regulations before they change the rules and take away your workplace donation rights and your choice of Charity selection by listing only a name, thus eliminating workplace brochures telling about different charities.   

Thank you for joining me and supporting this petition.  It means so much to our greyhounds and friends.

Beverly Sebastian

Greyhound Foundation Inc., nationwide





Letter to
Acting Director, Office Personnel Management The Honorable Elaine Kaplan
Dear Ms. Kaplan,
Congratulations on your new position as Director of the OPM. One of your first jobs will probably be the proposed Rule to Amend the Combined Federal Campaign Regulations.
I just signed a petition calling on the OPM to delete the Proposed Rules 5, 7, & 9 to Amend the Combined Federal Campaign Regulations Please do not impinge on our Donor Rights by not allowing us to donate to our Favorite Charities except by ALL-ONLINE donations.
While the idea of moving to an ALL-ONLINE campaign may look good on paper, it has been proven within your own campaigns (The DC One Fund Workplace Campaign) not to be acceptable by federal workplace donors. Research within our Federation shows, 84% of CFC givers still give by paper.
Result of Rule implementation:
According to the 79% loss on the DC One Fund TEST, the 2011 NGF revenue of $129, 044.90 would be cut to $27,099.43. Most of their programs would have to be discontinued.
What programs mean to the recipients:
If you want to warm your heart and feel good, read some of the testimonials that show how our money has been spent and how the recipients benefited at or
I know that you, as the new Director of the OPM want to allow donors to continue supporting Charities like the NGF and I’m calling on you to do the right thing and not change our donation methods or Charity selection by making everything ALL-ONLINE donations.
I know everyone is frustrated by the rising costs of administration but it's going to take all of us to keep this Workplace program working to include smaller Charities as well as the larger ones. Let's start by continuing to give Workplace donors the right to choose how they donate and to what Charity the wish to support.

Thank you for your support.

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