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Say 'NO' to new chicken factory farm.

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Recently, I found out about plans for a huge scale factory farm in South Staffordshire.

If these plans go ahead, nearly 500,000 chickens will be subjected to the suffering it will cause at any one time. The welfare of the animals has been given no regard whatsoever in the approval of these plans. 

The farm will house broiler chickens, who will be sent to slaughter at the incredibly young age of 5-7 weeks. The birds have been selectively bred to gain weight at an unnaturally fast rate and are fed huge amounts of antibiotics in order to keep them alive in these cramped conditions, this can cause great discomfort to the animals.

I have my own chickens, and I know what complex, intelligent, and beautiful animals they really are. They don't deserve this.

One of the greatest issues we are facing, is the lack of transparency in the industrial farming industry. If the truth of what happens to animals reared for food or any other produce was made common knowledge, I strongly believe that the demand for higher welfare products would surge.
By allowing the factory farm to be built, we are condoning cruelty.

We must face the reality of factory farming, and make the changes that are so desperately needed.

Farms of this type should be being phased out, not built on enormous scales!

Please join me in this movement towards compassion and away from cruelty.

Thank you all,

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