Say No To Missouri Bear Hunt

Say No To Missouri Bear Hunt

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In the 1890s, Missouri black bears were considered extinct.

Missouri is now asking residents for input regarding a bear hunting season. Laura Conlee, a furbearer biologist from the Missouri Department of Conservation, said that at one point, the State's bear population was nearly driven to ZERO by unregulated hunting and habitat loss. We find it irresponsible for a wildlife agency to elicit the hunting of a species whose population is estimated at only 840 black bears after over a century of recovery time. The proposed bear hunt lacks scientific merit and there is no evidence to support a regulated bear hunting season in the State of Missouri. The hunt is being promoted as an opportunity for bear hunters to "harvest" a natural resource and participate in population management. 

Facts & Non-lethal Solutions 

*Bears regulate their own populations through a biological process known as delayed implantation. Delayed implantation allows bears to control their populations. When food is abundant, more bears will be born. When there is a lack of abundant food sources, female bears will not reproduce every two years, but alternatively, every three to four years. 

*Deforestation is responsible for the loss of critical bear habitat. Land development and bear attractants such as unsecured trash are most likely the cause of increased bear-human conflicts, not overpopulation.

*Research shows that eliminating bear attractants and securing trash in bear-proof trash cans can reduce or eliminate bear conflicts by over 90%.

In addition to signing our petition, please visit the link below and fill out MDC's comment form on the proposed bear hunt.