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Say No To KPME Act Right Now

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Dear Patrons,

Since the new upcoming Karnataka Private Medical Establishment Act (KPMEA) is not in the interest of patients or doctors, all our doctors, admin and paramedical staff are protesting against the draconian Act. As a result, OPD and elective surgical services are presently unavailable.


Why doctors are protesting against the KPME Act?

• Firstly, it violates the fundamental rights of private doctors.

• The Act is discriminatory since government hospitals are not covered under the Act and only the doctors working in private sector are being targeted.

• There are already SEVEN Grievance Redressal Agencies which patients can approach to get justice against doctors. This Act will force doctors to be tried in kangaroo courts without having the power to represent themselves, which is unfair.

• In a country where even terrorists are provided with lawyers, depriving the same fundamental right to doctors is illogical.

• The Act leaves the doctors at the mercy of some corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. It will become impossible to practice medicine safely and honorably.

• The Act proposes to punish a doctor with imprisonment without a chance to defend himself. This trial will be conducted by a non-professional district grievance committee.


Is this justified?

What will happen if the Act comes into force?


• Good honest doctors may be imprisoned for no proper reason.

• Karnataka will lose experienced medical professionals just like West Bengal has in the last one year.

• Similarly, many neighborhood specialist clinics will also be forced to shut down.

• Corporate hospitals will be forced to shut down due to financial inviability, thereby making advanced medical treatment unavailable in Karnataka.

• Many nurses, technicians, paramedical and administrative staff will lose their jobs.

• People will be forced to rely on government hospitals for treatment.

• Patients who may not be comfortable with government hospitals and can afford quality care will be forced to go to neighboring states.

• Fear of criminal action and litigation will deter doctors from treating critical cases, inevitably resulting in loss of life.

• Awareness and detection camps conducted by private hospitals at concessional rates may be discontinued.

• Medicine will no longer be a sought after profession for bright students in Karnataka.

• Loss of the existing good doctor patient relationship.

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