Say No to Forced Bring Your Own Device!

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Say No to Forced Bring Your Own Device!

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Started by Persia Amelia

 Our school is doing forced BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) we are not against bringing a device to school but we don't agree that all the students and teachers of our school should be forced to bring one. Due to cost, damage, theft and our education.

Students and teachers are being forced to bring a device by the 10th of August 2015 other wise the students get put on a yellow card (a yellow card is given to a students if continuous actions are put forward, after yellow card comes a blue card and then a suspension)
Research shows that kids who write on average remember 70% of what they learn and kids who type on average only remember 30% of what they learnt.

The school expects everyone to have access to a device and if not, they expect us to spend hundreds on going out and buying one. Many parents cant afford to buy a device, the school says that they can loan a device to students but they are bad quality and the school is slowly getting rid of them.

The school will not pay for any damage that is inflicted on the device even if caused by the school.

Theft will become much easier and more likely because thieves will know that every bag will have a device in it, bags cannot be looked after at all times e.g when going into the school library where we have to leave our bags outside.

Rain is another problem, not all bags or casings are water proof so if it rains it will affect/damage the device.

Kids already spend heaps of time on their devices which has bad effects on our eyesight. So by staring at a screen all day at school they spend even more time when they come home to more technology.

And one of the biggest issues is the school internet, the school internet is extremely slow and bad and if all the kids in the school is using it then it will be 200 times worse. If the school internet goes down it goes down for everyone unless they have DATA, and so we cannot access the work from our school site.

And finally everyone at school uses their device to play games all lesson and don't actually do any work, conclusion, they don't learn anything.
Our school is determined to make our school the 'school of the future' so to say, but it doesn't really benefit us as shown above. Our school believes that we will get our best education's by increasingly amounts of technology, but in reality it is only making it harder for us to learn and decreasing our writing skills for our HSC.


From two concerned students forced to BYOD.

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This petition had 107 supporters

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