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Say NO to Family Dollar Store in El Prado next to Orlandos!!!: Stop the variances granted by the Planning Commission in Taos New Mexico

Taos must fight to maintain it's unique character that attracts visitors and Locals alike to come, visit and stay. Once again, this seems to be an epidemic of the benefit of a few at the cost of the many.  Let's turn the tide around.

 This is their SECOND attempt and they plan to put an 8,000+ square foot building next to Orlando's, with a 20 foot high back lit plastic sign.  This attempt was done when people were busy and not publicized until the night of the planning commission meeting.  WAKE UP Taos and say NO!!!   Again....and again....and again..    4/9/13 ALERT ALERT!!!   Our petitions have been taken from two locales... so I am resending this link and asking you to sign online and help others to sign online so we don't lose the numbers.  We figure we lost a couple hundred of our signatures.  We will be at CIDS several times before the County Commissioner hearing on the appeal so look for us there too.  Thanks.


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