Say 'No!' to developers building more houses in East Hanney

Say 'No!' to developers building more houses in East Hanney

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Why this petition matters

Started by Mike Tomlinson

We strongly object to the continuation of the over development in East Hanney, namely now the latest changes to the application for Ashfields Lane – application number P21/V0376/FUL submitted to the Vale of White Horse District Council. We feel strongly that this application should be refused or at least deferred due to the lack of an elected representative for the Steventon and Hanney Ward. 

This site was allocated for housing in 2016 under the Vale of White Horse Local Plan Part 1, whilst we understand there are statutory deadlines in terms of decision making, we ask the Planning Committee that sits on 20th April 2022 to also reject the planning application on the following grounds:

  1. The development will fundamentally change the landscape and rural nature of East Hanney, making it lose its village character, as shown by the 125 objections to the application. This is supported by the East Hanney Neighbourhood Plan.
  2. The design and density of the development is not in keeping with the location and existing properties. The current density of the development will have an adverse impact on the character of the area.
  3. There is not the demand for a further 45 houses in East Hanney. The local Plan Part 2 highlighted East Hanney as a site for allocation of new builds. The date of publication of Local Plan part 2 is Oct 2019. Since this was published land to the south of East Hanney – Summertown has been developed with the addition of 55 properties. This, with additional estates being added to Steventon Road fulfils the quota in the Local Plan part 2. This is also supported by the East Hanney Neighbourhood Plan.
  4. The village does not have the amenities to meet the ever increasing population - School places and increased travel for school children, the current village school is at capacity
  5. Waste and Sewage, that other local developments in close proximity of the proposed development still have no mains sewage facility, foul and flooding risks. Adding more houses to an already struggling system will result in further flooding / drainage issues.
  6. Proximity and lack of privacy for the residents of Spring Gardens.
  7. Access to the proposed site is onto the already busy A338. There will be an increase in car traffic on the A338, the inclusion of double car parking spaces per development contradicts the Districts Vision for Carbon Neutrality / Safer, Healthier Communities
  8. There have been no public engagement activities (further consultation) to the new / amended plan when there are virtual and in person options to do so now.
  9. More disruption, noise and pollution from the development and an increase in the villages carbon footprint and erosion of biodiversity.
  10. The huge threat to our local community from the proposed Steventon Reservoir, currently in consultation.
338 have signed. Let’s get to 500!