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Chiffres effrayants - données OMS - cancers Pakistan Iraq Afghanistan

Florent PIROT
Valbonne, AL, France

Jan 3, 2018 — J'ai pris toute mes données ici - la photo rapporte des malformations en Afghanistan. Lire ci-dessous en anglais. Chacun reconnaîtra les noms des maladies :)

We have noted the very high rate of leukemias and lymphomas in Iraq and Afghanistan (WHO DALYs 2004). A more precise comparison between 2000 and 2015 using WHO data gives some significant increases on Iraq, and, more importantly, BLATANT increases in Afghanistan for leukemia (+ 100%, as compared with a world average increase of 18 %), lymphoma (+55%, to compare with a world increase of 29 %), brain / nervous system cancer (+78%, to compare with a world increase of 27 %) and other malignant neoplasms (+68%, compared with a world average increase of 36 %). In Iraq, the increases of leukemias (+42%) and brain / nervous system cancers (+54%) in the same timeframe are also significant but one must not forget that Iraq had already been massively « dusted » in 1991 and received several missiles in 1998-1999 (Souad al Azzawi demonstrated that they included depleted uranium as well, see below). Afghanistan is much more significant in this 2000-2015 timeframe as it had stayed virgin of missiles for several years since the departure of the Soviets (so even if we hypothesize that the Soviet Union added DU to its missiles like its enemies, the wind has blown since they left the country – nevertheless I do not find reports about a specific increase of birth defects in the immediate aftermath of the Soviet war in Afghanistan).
On birth defects, the increases in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq are significant. There has been an average decrease in world numbers of defects (-6%). The number of birth defects in Iraq increased by a whopping 52 % between 2000 and 2015. In Afghanistan, the number of defects increased by 17 %. All the other countries where strong increases in defects are noted in the same period are rapidly developing countries which may have in addition to that an oil drilling industry (which involves frequently shaped charges with nuclear fission, see, involving contamination of fuels with radioactinids and thus alpha emitters in fumes. Developing countries are likely to see a very rapid increase of use of cars and other vehicles. Furthermore all of these countries do not use or have the ability to access to echography and abortion. This has to be put in the balance when looking at the decreases in India and China on the same period. In Saudi Arabia, the birth defects level remained almost even between 2000 and 2015. In Iran the rate decreased. It also increased in Pakistan (+10%) but this may be linked to the military training grounds in the country as well as to… the drone strikes, especially since the beginning of 2008.
Testicular cancer also increased significantly in Iraq (+51%), Pakistan (+200%) and Afghanistan (+57%). According to WHO world data for the same period testicular cancer remained extremely stable (very slight augmentation, +8%). Ovary cancer followed a similar explosive trend (+60 % increase in Iraq, +58 % in Pakistan, +93 % in Afghanistan while the average world increase amounts to +30 %). Oesophagus cancer also increased significantly (world average +1,9 %, Pakistan +37 %, Iraq +36 %, Afghanistan +58%). Stomach cancers increased significantly in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Colon cancer : world average +35 %, significant increases in all three countries. It is clear that the digestive system as well as the reproductive systems are highly likely to be contaminated. The link ovary / testicle cancer // birth defects is particularly obvious and demonstrates with force the common cause : depleted uranium dust going down the body because it is a heavy metallic element and circulates with gravity down the body. Testicles, for instance, seem slightly more exposed than ovaries. Prostate cancers are also increasing very significantly in Pakistan (+62 % for a global increase of +38%).

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