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Say No to conversion of single family home into a large HMO with individual let 11 rooms!

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The Neighbours of Morland Close in Hampton in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames require your support to object a planning application to convert a detached 5 bedroom home at No 6 Morland Close into an 11 bedroom HMO/bedsit.

HMO conversions are on the rise and have already badly affected our neighbouring boroughs e.g Hounslow due to over intensive use of converted properties and harming neighbouring occupiers. 

This approach seems to offer a high return for (in this case foreign) investors by renting these bedsits under social housing or privately above market rates to unrelated individuals or several families, cramming in as many people as possible.

There is a major risk in allowing such conversion and attracting further investors to convert family homes in Hampton or other areas close to London into bedsits.

Councils may support such developments to increase their housing stock and to reach their housing targets, however should be aware that it only increases density and will over time create slum conditions and reduces quality of life for people within these cramped conditions as well as people living close by. This can have catastrophic effects causing long term issues for health and well-being of affected residents. This will affect any neighbourhood, not just at the lower end of the housing market, affluent areas are as well at risk of having such HMO’s in their midst to create highest possible returns for property investors. More Investors may follow this course and every house sale will cause panic at nearby occupiers if yet another HMO property is in the making. Are we returning to Victorian slum conditions? How will this affect the value of your home? How many more homes will become an investments for foreign investors?

The foreseeable harm to the neighboring occupiers at Morland Close and Nursery Lands ranges from increase in noise and nuisance; increase in parking requirements which cannot be accommodated and affecting traffic flow and emergency access; increase in waste and associated issues with litter and vermin; increase in safety concerns like fire safety etc to name a view as well as affecting the current quality of life, community spirit and the character of their environment. According to the council's own planning policy, the Village character of this area should be protected, an influx in HMO occupiers however will negatively affect the quiet family character and will make this area less attractive to young families. 

We kindly ask you to sign our petition to support our cause to strongly object the large HMO planning application for a property, built and designed to be a single family home situated in a quiet residential street occupied by mainly young families and pensioners, to now become a 11 room bedsit for an uncertain number of unrelated individuals. We wish to raise awareness of the lurking danger of the rise in HMO's in residential family orientated areas. Your street could be next...

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