SAY NO TO CONOCARPUS- Plant better trees in Karachi!

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Karachi has been experiencing extreme climatic conditions for the past few years. The heat in summers, sadly, takes away many lives every year. There are many reasons behind this drastic climate change. Improper disposal of solid waste including plastics, (usually the solid waste is set on fire to reduce the size and then disposed off in open sewage drains), excessive usage of carbon containing fuels, Conocarpus trees throughout the city and general urbanisation are just to name a few. Amidst all of the above, Conocarpus trees are acting as a slow poison. Planted about 8-9 years ago, these trees have now taken over the city. Initially what was meant to make a greener Karachi, has contributed hugely to a drastic climatic shift in the atmosphere of Karachi. The rainfall is scarce, the summer heat wave kills many people annually, the winters are barely cold. The reason behind this is Conocarpus. This is a tree, native to the coastal regions of Florida, Bahamas, Galapagos Islands and some parts of Africa. It's biology is not suited to the climate of Karachi or South Asia generally. Hence, it takes up most water and moisture from the environment leaving it dry and hot to the point where it becomes unbearable. Trees like Neem, Gulmohar, Jungle Jalebi, Amaltas, Coconut, Cheeku, Peepal, Lignum etc are best suited to the environment of Karachi. It is high time we realised and contributed to changing our city for better, for our own future. This heat wave can kill you and me too, if we don't act now to stop it! Because if we won't, no one would! I petition for the removal of Conocarpus from the city and plantation of native trees for the betterment of the climate of Karachi.