Say No to Commercial Development in Small Residential Streets

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A development application (A004818667) has been submitted for a new C&K child care centre with 115 spaces on Payne Road in The Gap. The entry to this proposed centre is on Goldie Street, which is a neighbourhood road, a narrow cul-de-sac and classified as a minor road. The 3 blocks currently contain 3 homes that are consistent with the low density residential zone.

o  The traffic report submitted by the developer estimates that an extra 174 cars a day will be entering Goldie St via Payne Road. *Which Equates to over 45,000 cars per year.

o  The extra 45,240 cars per year brings SAFETY ISSUES with school children crossing the minor road walking to local schools including Payne Road School and The Gap High State High School.

o  The Gap already has 11 childcare centres with 7 of those with vacancies.                                                                             

o  The current childcare centres state they have patrons from Bardon, Ferny Grove, Keperra, Kenmore and Ashgrove to name a few.  Why should The Gap open more child care centres to cater for patrons from other suburbs?

o  The report also ignores other Development Applications in The Gap. These alone account for approx. 238 additional spaces.

o  The Gap neighbourhood plan and childcare industry statistics indicate Only 87 childcare spaces are needed in the next 10 years. With current vacancies and development applications submitted for another 353 in The Gap alone this will result in a gross oversupply and generate even more non-local traffic. Therefore there is no local need, JUST LOCAL IMPACT.

o  Disregard for the recently created “The Gap Neighbourhood Plan” which was created using extensive consultation process and expenditure of public monies to develop. Approving large commercial developments in residential zones.  These commercial properties are not suitable in small suburban streets overshadowing residential homes. They are destroying the profile and character of our unique suburbs.

 This is no different to where you live, your home, your street, your suburb. Tell the council a change to existing planning is not what we want for our families and for our children. 

 Ask the assessor to decline this Development Application and the Brisbane City Council to decline future applications that remove much needed family homes to build unnecessary large commercial developments in residential zones.