Say NO to Cockle Bay Apartments

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There is a large scale development of apartments planned for 2-4 Reydon Place and 30-40 Sandspit Road (old Steward Motors site) The planners have decided to treat this as a limited notification only, giving very few people the opportunity to object. We want our village to be given a voice and be able to have their say.


The development is designed to include 7 multi-level buildings on some places 11 meters high and 3-5 Stories, creating a total of 70 apartments (1-3 bedrooms)  a Café and 2 underground parking levels including 112 carparks.


The site is currently zoned Single House Zone in the Auckland Unitary Plan.  The definition means just that.  In council words, it is a single house on a section no smaller than 600m².  A criteria for the zoning is that it is to “maintain and enhance the amenity value (that is, the quality of the present environment) of established residential areas”.  The zoning therefore permits some 9 houses.  This complies with the zone description, which states that multi-unit developments are not anticipated². 


 The key areas of concern are:



With a development in such a large scale around 4 schools, children’s safety is a big concern as children commute to and from school along this stretch of footpath.
There will be a  substantial traffic increase both during the building period (could take 2+ years) and after it is finished.
There will be a double lane driveway on Trelawn  and Reydon Pl which is going to cause Havoc at School pick up and drop off times.
Parking of residence and visitors to residence and to café are going to cause Sandspit Rd, Trelawn & Reydon place to become further congested.

Increased strain on existing infrastructure

Roading infrastructure – increased traffic volume leading to congestion and parking that is already at a premium around peak times.
more wear and tear on the roads themselves costing rate payers more to fix
storm water issues- risks of damage and flooding in the watercourses (that contain eels, fish and glow worms) downstream.
The extensive earthworks threatening downstream watercourses and siltation of local beaches as the soil is contaminated with asbestos

Height restriction is 8 meters and proposal is for 9 going to  11 meters in some places
Reduced sunlight for surrounding houses.


Loss of amenity value

Creating a complex that does not fit within the existing heritage character of the Cockle Bay zone and will dramatically change the landscape of Cockle Bay.
Loss of quiet suburban life as this will create substantial dominating terraced housing and noise from the occupants of 70 apartments. 


The Unitary plan was a publicly consulted document. We believe Cockle Bay community chose to purchase property in this suburb because they wanted a quiet suburban lifestyle. The Unitary Plan as agreed in the final draft, upheld this lifestyle and the property was zoned as single dwelling residential. To allow this development would impact significantly on the wider Cockle Bay community and severely on the neighbouring properties as well as set a president for all of Auckland.

I sign this petition in agreement with the above statements,  to bring about awareness that this is not the place to put 70 apartments to the selected Commissioners overseeing the decision and to make the decision Not to grant resource consent for 30-40 Sandspit Rd Cockle Bay.


SAY NO to 70 apartments in Cockle Bay