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Protect Australian Education from Chinese Communist infiltration

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Protect Australian Education from Chinese Communist infiltration - primary school to University level.

Help protect our children and support the employment of local teachers who are Australian accredited, who have working with children background checks, value and uphold Australian education standards which are not determined by foreign governments.

Australian Education Departments have allowed the Chinese government (the Chinese Communist Party) to directly establish classes in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. These classes are funded by the Chinese Government. The materials and topics taught are overlooked and influenced by the Chinese education authorities. This is the only foreign government in our country that has direct access to our precious and vulnerable students.

The Confucius classrooms will not allow discussion of topics "sensitive" to the Chinese regime such as Tibet, Taiwan, Falun Gong or the Tiananmen Square massacre, this is a propaganda directive from the Chinese Government and deliberate form of censorship of historical facts.

The teaching of Chinese language and culture is welcomed in NSW schools, but it should be available free from the influence of Chinese Communist Party doctrine and censorship.

The undersigned petitioners therefore ask Australian Education Departments, Schools and Universities to:

1. Act to remove Confucius classrooms/institutes from our Australian schools and replace them with an Australian-run organisation.

2. Ensure the curriculum of any Chinese language or culture courses in Australian schools are free from foreign censorship and propaganda.

Join other reputable Universities and cities who have already rejected the Confucius classrooms and Institutes, such as in Toronto district school board, Chicago University, Pennsylvania University, Stockholm University.

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