Say NO to calorie show

Say NO to calorie show

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Started by Mia Taylor

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Say NO to Calorie Show 

The government are attempting to tackle obesity by introducing a calorie count on menus in restaurants and cafes. 

While not everyone who counts their calorie intake develops an eating disorder, this will increase the risk massively; whilst also triggering people who are suffering with and/or recovering from an eating disorder. 

We live in a society where diet culture influences us to praise those for being smaller and shame those who are not. This is toxic. The Global weight loss market is worth £158.2 billion, and there are thousands of products out there to encourage dieting, detox and overall weight loss. It should be recognised that diets are examples of disordered eating - which ultimately lead to life threatening eating disorders such as anorexia. 

We are constantly being conditioned to idolise ‘thin/perfect’ bodies, whilst overlooking the fact that eating disorders are the most lethal psychiatric disorder. We must take this into account when trying to tackle obesity. 

There are countless ways media has motivated us to lose weight and look  a certain way. We need to stop this. 

Obesity is a problem and should be tackled but not in this way. It is 

estimated that just in the UK, roughly 1.25 million people have an eating disorder. This proposal will worsen matters and give, calory counting, which is the basic tool of a person with an eating disorder, full prominence in every cafe and restaurant across the country. It will lead to further suffering and for some death.

Say NO to calory show!

46 have signed. Let’s get to 50!