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Thanks to Big Oil and Dirty Coal’s millions spent on lobbying and misleading ads the Senate failed to even vote on comprehensive energy and climate legislation this year. But these big polluters aren’t stopping there. Now they, and their allies in Congress, have their sights on delaying implementation of the Clean Air Act -- a landmark law that has saved lives, spurred innovation, and protected the air we breathe for 40 years. 

It is time to stand up and make our voices heard across this country and, most importantly, in Washington, D.C.

Please help us send a strong message to Congress and President Obama by signing this petition stating that we have had enough of big polluters putting their profits ahead of the public interest. Congress should not be cutting any special deals for these polluters.

Show your support today by asking President Obama and Congress to hold polluters accountable and to protect the Clean Air Act’s ability to crack down on carbon pollution.

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U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
For too long, big polluters and their lobbyists have delayed action on clean energy to protect their profits. Now, some in Congress want to give polluters free rein to dump carbon pollution into our air by delaying enforcement of the Clean Air Act. Congress should not be cutting a special deal for big polluters. I demand that President Obama, my Senators and Representative in Congress hold polluters accountable and oppose any effort to let them off the hook.

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