Say no to an UofA honorary degree for David Suzuki

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The nomination of David Suzuki for an honorary doctorate at the University of Alberta is an affront to academic freedom and discourse. His nomination should be rescinded. Holding a point of view that wants to effectively shutdown the oilsands is entirely fair ball. That his point of view is contrary to the clearly expressed view, not to mention the livelihood, of many Albertans is irrelevant. But what is very relevant is that David Suzuki is on record as calling for the imprisonment of his political opponents in the matter of environmental policy. It is unacceptable that the University of Alberta would confer a prestigious academic honor on someone who has, by his repeated statements, called for the imprisonment of people who do not agree with his political point of view on environment policy. David Suzuki's opinions about those who disagree with him is inconsistent with the best traditions of academic freedom and discourse and the foundations of liberal democracy.