Say ‘NO’ to 2nd wave. To appeal Prof Paul Tambyah to lead COVID Task Force Medical Team

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I love my country, Singapore. Used to be a sunny island, bustling city.  Now... only one sentence to express ‘Sad with disappointment but there’s still HOPE...’

The current covid’s situation is still very ‘jelly’.  So upset to hear that there may be even a ‘2nd wave’ coming from the current Multi-Ministerial Task Force if we are not socially responsible enough.  The current task force are ‘trying their very best’ to do what they can.  But there is this question keeps lingering around me, that is, why our top leaders have yet to engage our very own best medical expert to lead the Covid-19 task force medical team to further improve our country’s situation?

I hope Singapore leaders, for the greater good, to engage NUS professor, Paul Tambyah, who is also an infectious diseases expert, the first Singaporean to be elected as the president of the US-based International Society of Infectious Diseases (ISID), to lead or be the lead consultant to the COVID-19 task force Medical Team, to work together and improve the situation urgently.  This is a nationality issue. It has nothing to do with politics. 

We, in Singapore, really cannot afford to have another circuit breaker.  Many more would thus lose their jobs, more businesses will hv to be wind-up.  Most importantly, we hope not to see our family, relatives, friends, colleagues, classmates, anyone around us or even ourselves to be infected with this disease.  It’s really worrying!  Also, it pains us to see the frontliners work tirelessly round the clock. They are human too. They must be mentally & physically tired.  Feel so sorry for them.

Hence, we seriously need top expert(s) in this field to lead and improve the COVID situation.  The highly humble, compassion, reputable & internationally recognized Prof Paul Tambyah, is the best person to handle this task! Only this way, our lion city can be healthy and roar again as it used to be.

Prof Tambyah is right here in SGP. I truly believe he is utmost willing and ready to help the country with his best ability to contain the Covid situation. What is the government still waiting for? Again, this is a nationality issue. It’s about protecting lives, livelihoods and country’s economy.  If the covid situation in SGP doesn’t improve, the technical recession will get worse. Eventually, most of us and the whole of Singapore will suffer.

In order to have this petition heard and top leaders have expressed that it’s important for them to listen to our concerns, on our end, every signature count, a little support from everyone can make a big difference.  I thank all supporters in advance. Let us try our best to be heard. Let’s make it work! ✊✌️❤️