SAY NO TO 2000 RIYALS (INR 40000) Extra Charge for obtaining Umrah Visa.

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Say NO to SAR 2000 (Aprox 40000 Indian Rupees) as a Repeater Visa Charges

Plz Spare Couple of Minutes to Send an e - mail to Ministry of Hajj & Umrah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on
also Mark a cc to our Ministry of External Affair, India too on,,,,
(Draft for the Mail is Mentioned Below for your Convinience)

and if possible try to call them too on the Below Mentioned contact numbers to request them to Revoke the Rule of Charging SAR 2000 as a Repeater VISA Fees Additinally
(Try to request them in Any Language you know, The Purpose of Call is to Make them Realise)

+966-920002814 or +966-8004304444

-----------------------------Email Draft-----------------------------

Subject - Kind Attn: Request to Revoke or Revise the Repeater Visa Fees for the Convinience

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu Dear Sir

Hope You will Find the Mail in the Best of Your Mood.

The Purpose of the Mail is to Request to Revoke or Revise the Repeater Visa Fees for the Convinience of Umrah Passenger as the Fees charged is too High for Some one who wants to Perform Umrah Even After Many Years, the Previous Rule of 1 Year or Max 2 Year was Far Better than this as a Passenger can wait for specific duration to Again perform Umrah but this New Rule will Surely Affect the Plans for again performing the Umrah, So I would like to request to kindly look in to the matter again and do the Needful

Also I am marking this mail to Ministry of External Affairs India, So that they can too request from there side officially to Revoke and Revise the Above mentioned rule. 

Thanking You in Advance

(Your Name)
I have sent the mail, I request you to do the same and Plz do share this message in other groups too.....


DETAILED Information of SAR 2000 Repeater Visa Fees


The Saudi Umrah Ministry have implemented new rules whereby those travelling for Umrah this Hijri (1440) 2018/2019 Season, will be charged an extra 2000 SAR (Aprox INR 40000 or £450.00 or USD 540) ontop of the usual Visa fee (approx: INR 3000). The price of this extra charge is APPROXIMATELY INR 40000 if they have already performed Umrah once in their lifetime.

The Pilgrims should not be forced to pay these unreasonable extra charges to fulfill their religious obligations to visit the Holy Lands of Makkah and Madinah for a 2 week period only, INR 2000 Visa charge is the cost of Nearly a Full Package Including Flight Food and Stay in Hotel from India in One Stop via Flight

The Pilgrims cannot afford to pay exorbitant fees to visit the Holy Landscape of Makkah and Madinah. These new visa prices will result in many families being deprived of the auspicious benefits of visiting the Holy Land.                              

Here in I am Mentioning the Cost per Person with and without Visa Penalty Fees

Umrah Package including regular Visa Charges Flight Charges Food and Stay Charges with out Repeater Penalty Costs between INR 40000 to 45000 Only per person

But the Same thing Nearly Doubles by Including the Repeater Visa Fees of INR 40000 i.e. SAR 2000 as Imposed by SAUDI Government for Small Religious trip of Just 2 Weeks

This petition aims to urge the Saudi Government to review and revise the new regulations thus making it more affordable for prospective Umrah travellers to make the journey that every Muslims endeavours towards.

Just think about it Italy don’t charge catholics to visit the Vatican nor do the jewish charge the jews to visit the Wailing Wall. Here we have the custodians charging crazy fees to visit the Haramains that belong to the Muslim Ummah. 

It is officially becoming the playground for the rich. No wonder more and more fellow Muslim brothers/sisters are now visiting Palestine the 3rd Holy Islamic site in Large Numbers. As Saudi Gov have made the pilgrimage expensive and unaffordable. 

We need an official announcement from the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah & or the Saudi Embassy as soon as possible regarding this news the Hajj & umrah agents have confirmed. As the Ministry have not published a circular nor an article, so either the Agents are lying or the Ministry. 

Please forward to all your contacts and encourage them to sign so that we can put pressure on the Saudi Government to revise their decision on Visa Fees for Umrah. We need as many signatures possible.

JazakAllah for having taken time and effort to sign this petition. May Allah reward you abundantly.

P.S Also suggest to speak or write to your local MP's & email the Saudi Embassy, Ministry of Hajj & Umrah and all the relevant bodies involved in the same.